Thunderstorms and Rainbows

Yesterday evening offered a rare visual opportunity:


Rainbows themselves are not all that unusual out here, particularly in the spring - we have more than a sufficient supply of rain showers followed by sunshine to present that opportunity. Still, a double-rainbow with a thunderstorm as a backdrop is a sight I don't believe I've seen before.

MLW first noticed it out the picture window in the dining room. I grabbed up the phone and went out to get a couple of pictures. And, with the lightening flashing in the clouds behind it, I decided to take a little video as well:

It's a quiet scene, all told. LB and I had driven home through part of that storm a little earlier in the evening, with rain so heavy that, for a short while, it was virtually impossible to see even with the wipers on high. That part is not pleasant (and seems to be a more regular occurrence over the past few years). Still, scenes like this remind me that Mother Nature Giveth as well...