How Dry I Am...

As I start this entry I'm standing in El Zarape, an excellent Mexican restaurant, waiting for my carry-out order.

I should be making trout on the grill.

Earlier this afternoon LB went to tackle the dishes, but quickly came back down to the living room to announce "the water isn't working". Turning on the faucet produced a pathetic little dribble of the wet stuff, with no pressure, no lust for life.

I did my manly duty and investigated the situation in the basement. We'd recently had the well company out to look at the same problem. They'd replaced our old fuse and switch box, which was repeatedly blowing fuses, with a breaker box. And all seemed well with the world (no pun intended).

The breaker had been tripped. Resetting it resulted in:

A - It repeatedly re-tripping; and

B - A fair amount of swearing.

If a man utters the F-Word, but there's no one in the basement to hear it, was it really said? ...But I digress...

The well company guys had also drained the tank because it had been waterlogged. That hadn't been happening this time (it makes a tell-tale sound), but MLW suggested draining it just in case, and that seemed reasonable to try before calling the well company on a holiday weekend. Reasonable, but unsuccessful.

Not that it's terribly surprising that this would occur on a holiday weekend, but there was no answer at the well company, and no voicemail. I've tried texting and emailing them through their website, but thus far there have been no results.

One forgets how frequently one casually accesses the water in the home - washing one's hands, filling up a glass of ice water at the fridge, flushing the toilet... It's that last one that is probably the most difficult habit to break. And, ultimately, the area in which the lack of water is most keenly felt.

Well there, and in the inability to clean, and clean up after, the lovely fish in my fridge.

But the Mexican food was excellent.

Update - after a full day of working on it, and some 265+ feet of additional wiring, we have water again.

The lovely fish has been thrown out. I gave brief consideration to eating it, but risking food poisoning seemed unwise, despite how tempting it was.

After seeing what it took to get the well pump up and out of the deep, deep hole it was in, I find myself additionally thankful for the help we've received. And, I'm looking forward to the shower I can now take.